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Getting Start

Simple as 1,2,3

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1. Prepare your Martian Wallet

Using Aptos-compatible wallet Martian and get your Aptos Token (APT) ready!

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2. Get your Aptonos (AOS) token

Deposit your Aptos token (APT) and get your Aptonos (AOS) token. Everything is automated by our smart contract.

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3. Start Staking

Start staking your AOS to get benefit from Aptonos Launchpad. See more about our Staking Tier!!!

IGO Project

Aptonos Finance (AOS)

Aptonos is a community-driven Launchpad built on the Aptos Chain, powering the Aptos Web 3.0 Economy. We strive to empower crypto projects with the ability to raise liquidity on the safest and most scalable Layer 1 blockchain - Aptos.
Aptonos vision is to operate on top of the all main blockchain networks and is designed to offer maximum value to consumers and institutions.

Total Supply

100,000,000 AOS


7,000,000 USD

Initial Supply

19,100,000 AOS

Initial Market Cap

1,337,000 USD

Token Price :

0.07 USD

Aptonos Foundation has 0% at TGE, and all token will be locked for the next 12 months.


Upcoming IDOs

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IGO cover
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What We Offer

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Being the innovative decentralized IDO platform across all main blockchain networks.

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Using an automated market maker (AMM) model where users trade against a liquidity pool.

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Allowing users to earn AOS while supporting Aptonos.

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Starter Pools

Being the simplest way to earn free tokens from upcoming projects.



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How All Started

What we had?
NFT Auction (core): English Auction
Mint NFT (core): Create Artist Profile, Mint NFT
NFT Genesis 1 Release
Launchpad IDO (core)
Farms: Earn AOS by Staking LP
NFT Marketplace v1(core)
Sell/Transfer NFT (core)
Working on
Genesis Marketplace (core): Aptonos native NFT marketplace
Market Prediction (Beta)
Market Prediction: Leaderboard
Farms v Start Pools v2 (core): New UI/UX, New pool to stake AOS and earn new tokens
Staking NFT: activate NFT boost of Genesis Card
INO: Initial NFT Offering
Aptonos Station: First-ever metaverse gamefi on Atonos Ecosystem
What's next?
Farms v Start Pools v2 (core): New UI/UX, New pool to stake AOS and earn new tokens
Crosschain IDO
Referral mechanism for Launchpad
MM Toolkit (Anti Snip Bot, Liquidity Adding, Trading Tool)
NFT Voting
NFT Swap: the new way to swap NFTs
Aptonos Mobile App


Meet the Crew

Team Member Image

Nealson Medz

CEO & Founder

Team Member Image

Kalyan Bagrat

COO & Co-Founder

Team Member Image

Ivan Chuv



Common Queries

Fundamentally seller sells their currency to gain cash and a buyer buys expecting hold the currency until value increases in dollar/rupee terms In mid-August 202 total market value of all cryptocurrency exceeded $2 trillion, with Bitcoin alone making up 44% of that.
Launching your project with our Launchpad is piece-of-cake with simple steps:
Step 1: Create Your Token and Token Economics
Step 2: Identify Your Audience
Step 3: Choose Your Blockchain
Step 4: Pitch Your Project with Aptonos Foundation
Step 5: Battle Test Your Security and Documentation
When it's time to claim tokens, you can choose to claim your tokens or get a refund within 2 hours after TGE. After 2 hours, if you haven't made a decision yet, our system will automatically help you claim your tokens.
It varies depending on different IDO projects. But in general, the system will automatically calculate the allocation of every wallet in different tiers.
Sui and Aptos are both ex-meta, so not only do they have great tech skills, but they also have experience with social media, which helps them build communities. From what we've seen and heard from builders and developers, it does look like Aptos now has the upper hand. But, since both ALT and SUI were built on MOVE, we are not ruling out connecting them in the future.
At the moment, we are talking to several exchanges. We can't settle on a specific date for our launch. But we'll do our best to get it listed as what we've said, because we're excited to be the first Aptos project to go live. This project was made by and for the community. The launch will mark the beginning of this project. After that, we'll have enough space and time to add other big Aptos projects to our launchpad before they go live.
We want to help the people who started token and non-fungible token (NFT) projects. We also offer a planned token launch with a customized launch model, time period, accepted token types, and auction algorithms. The only way for Aptonos Launchpad to work is if our launchpad projects work. We have the most important protected function, so we really need to make sure the projects we launch are up to par.
A group of volunteers is behind this initiative. A system of token tiers will be implemented for platform administration. It's crucial that a lot of people join in on projects. With the public's help (26% of tokens are issued to the public), we may make fundamental decisions as a community in an open and accountable manner.
The foundation of our road map and strategy is the high regard in which we hold the Aptos team. nonetheless, if this were to occur, we would have to consider the opinions of our community members at the moment and act accordingly for the sake of everyone.
We have 16 team members, and the core members are Nealson Medz, Kalyan Bagrat, Ivan Chuv and Leanna Mie. We come from a range of backgrounds. with some worked in exchanges, VC, angel investors, as well as DAOs, so we are extremely familiar in building great secure tech and community engagement
Yes, the cross-chain feature is in our roadmap. We will first launch on Aptos, then bridge back to Etherum and Polygon.

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